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If minecraft was a hookup site


If you enjoy interacting with other humans, sleeping more than three hours a night, and bathing from time to time, do If minecraft was a hookup site play Minecraft. It's one of the most engrossing and addicting computer games to come along in some time. You might not able to figure that out from the developer's own website. But if you're like most avid players, you probably discovered the game through a social network like Redditwhere its popularity is exploding.

The game itself is a giant "sandbox" — that is, an open-ended creative environment where you're free to create and destroy what you will at virtually any scale, using the resources in the game world. There are no princesses to save or points to score though there are monsters that come out at night to kill you and wreck everythingyet the game is still raking in millions of dollars.


Beyond Minecraft's engrossing mechanics and the story of its rise, there's something else unique about the game: In fact, it's still in "Alpha" mode, and is constantly being updated and improved by its lone Swedish developer Markus Persson, known as "Notch" to his legions of online fans.

Why are hundreds of thousands of people purchasing and obsessively playing a game that's nowhere near final development? That you can credit to the social web. The grand experiment began in May ofwhen Persson, according to his website, quit his day job in game development to focus on creating something "simple yet dynamic.

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This set the stage for community investment in a living, breathing product. By purchasing an account, you not only get to enjoy the game, but fund its development, and to some extent have a voice in the process via the burgeoning and wholly "unofficial" community.

Not bad for just over a year's work. Has this model for game distribution — selling an unfinished product to fund its very development — been done before? Yes, says Michael Rosea writer for IndieGames. Terry was very open on his blog, stating that the money from the pre-orders was helping to fund the rest of its development.

Andrew Webstera tech and gaming writer who interviewed Persson for Ars Technica notes that, "In the age of frequent patches and updates, most games are an evolving and constantly changing experience. If minecraft was a hookup site

If minecraft was a dating...

But I can't think of any that achieved such a high level of success in such an early state. So how does one man develop a game and provide support for the thousands who have paid good money to play it? He doesn't — that's where the community comes in. Ongoing issues, news, and game updates are curated by the thousands of fans who discuss gameplay and development on the World of Minecraft forumsthe Minepedia a wiki-style resource where most If minecraft was a hookup site to learn how to play the gameon Reddit and on other unofficial haunts.

There's plenty for fans to discuss, since Persson codes in the open and keeps players apprised of updates via his Tumblr blogand recently via Twitter as well. He even maintains a public to-do list of the bugs he's squashing and ideas he's planning to implement. With a window into If minecraft was a hookup site day-to-day development process, the community is highly invested, and you can't pay for better social marketing than that.

Gaming videos on YouTube are nothing new. But the Minecraft culture is pretty keen on sharing its in-game accomplishments in photos and video.

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