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Things swingers say


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And who buys specific brands of Things swingers say based on play partners? God help Ivan Drago…. This episode has it all- from Jackie Chan to overnight babysitters and from stripper poles to stealing corn. Also, we all have twitter handles, tweet us! Listen to our podcast direct from the site — or download to listen at your convenience! What if radio played only the shows you care about, when you want?

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God help Ivan Drago… This episode has it all- from Jackie Chan to overnight babysitters and from stripper poles to stealing corn. Join the Foursome on a very special episode of the STARunderground Podcast, as we say goodbye to our co-host, friend, and anal-fisting enthusiast, Roxie Kix. And of course no salute to her would be complete without a Roxie-riffic FMK.

We continue with our break from our regularly scheduled debauchery, degradation and deviant behavior on the Things swingers say Podcast as we finish our special two-part episode where the Foursome finishes the dreaded… Purity Test.

All are welcome to play along as we find out who is the fairest in all the land and who is a brutal, wretched, disgust We take a break from our regularly scheduled debauchery, degradation, and deviant behavior on the STARunderground Podcast to bring you something a little different as the Foursome Things swingers say on a Purity Test.

Yep, your favorite four answer questions to determine who is as pure as the driven snow and whose soul is as black as night… And you can play a You know Bonnie is a deviant, but she kicks it up a notch with some news abo No need to keep rolling coins, collecting tin cans or begging outside the bank.

But before we give advice to frugal swingers we find out that Zo has two new jobs, including one with a familiar friend that just involves dressing alike and Eeeeeaaaa Do you know the first Captain of the Starship Enterprise? How many calories you burn by banging your head? Bonnie, Roxie, Zo, and Captain J Before you enter the STARunderground Podcast, we are going to need you to consent to listening to the funniest lifestyle podcast around.

You need to be aware there is crude humor, dirty stories, colorful and sometimes butchered language, random tangents, and in this episode, a focus Things swingers say consent. If you consent you get to hear all about parties w Everyone knows that chicks and dudes dig confidence, so we are percent, no doubt about it, write it in ink, dead solid, put it on the board… championship, confident that you will love the newest episode of the STARunderground Podcast as we talk about confidence.

And if you are not confident you should listen- put it in Things swingers say just fake it. Depending on your point of view, we have either saved the best for last, or you are getting the last of the leftovers before they go bad- in either event our final member of The Foursome finally gets his turn on the Hotseat as our very own Captain Jake is telling us all about himself and if you listen frequently, you know he is going to have a It might not seem complicated, but you know the Fo First the Foursome make some personal history, by visiting some new clubs with Zo, Bonnie and Clyde hitting Philadelphia while Captain Jake is busy making plans for Atlantic City.

The girls are certainly d After talking toys last episode, the Foursome will be talking about the most popular sex toy of all time on this episode of the STARunderground Podcast. We are turning on our computers, renting Things swingers say tapes, watching Cinemax through the scramble and talking about Porn. We talk about ce Oh adult toys… Things swingers say yeah, that makes much more sense. First Bonnie and Roxie But before we get into t Believe it or not, but Fall will soon be here and with it football, Halloween, and pumpkin spiced everything.

But while the heat and humidity still hold sway, the STARunderground Podcast is going to keep the summer party going by recapping how they have been spending their summer vacations or even just weekends and occasionally naughty weeknig STARunderground goes big time this Things swingers say, as the Foursome is joined by podcasting and lifestyle personality and pseudo-legend Dylan Thomas DylanTheThomas of the Life on the Swingset Podcast and the Gentle Perverts Social Club for a discussion about swinging, "Things swingers say," polyamory, and all the usual offbeat capers and random tangents.

Jerichoooooo… Zo holds nothing back, as he answers questions ranging from what sex t We already know you like to listen, but do you like to watch? But before we look, we get to listen as Roxie finally makes her long awaited road trip to take a There is something for everyone on the latest episode of the STARunderground Podcast, from guys who like girls, girls who like guys, girls who like girls, guys who like guys, a little bit of both and everything in between- because we are going both ways and discussing bisexuality in the lifestyle.

But before we talk bisexual, the gang gets Jell Because this week on the STARunderground Podcast, our nubile newbie Roxie Kix is on the Hotseat ready to talk about her innermost thoughts and desires.

Examples of this include things...

Roxie talks about the good times and the bad, including her biggest regret in swinging. We are also talking about fisting: Roxie being fisted, Bonnie watching video of Civil War, the real fight is on the latest episode of the STARunderground as the Foursome dive into the Things swingers say explosive of all clashes: Before the rumble, Zo and Jake talk about a pair of dust-ups they were recently involved with as Zo witnessed our Things swingers say Clyde defend his birthday sash for a gr We Things swingers say be taking a trip in the wayback machine to relive some of our high and low lights with: When it comes to numbers, there are lies, damned lies, and statistics, but when it comes to the results of STARunderground opinion polls there are jokes, tangents, and statistics.

So grab your calculators, open your spreadsheets and get ready to find out what the STARuniverse has to say about sex, relationships, and everything in between. Hey, we hope you are enjoying the STARunderground podcast. We will get right to our new episode in a second, but before we do- we just need to get a little information about you. We are going to need your credit card number, your bank account pin, and a couple of naked pictures of your self.

All purely for research purposes, of course. No more playing with matches, spitting into the wind, running with scissors or getting involved in a land war in Asia, because this episode of the STARUnderground Podcast is all about being safe- well at least about being safe when it comes to sex but staying away from Asian land wars is good advice in general.

But first, while Alonzo is all, We have a special guest this week in the STARunderground Podcast, as our sexy Tech Slut comes out from behind the control board and into your hearts as she joins the Devils Threesome version of the group to talk about taking breaks in the lifestyle.

But there are no breaks in the show as Capt Thanks to the Avengers: Episode 7- The Force Awakens; was the most profitable year in movie history. But, where is the love for the lifestyle? But Alonzo, Bonnie, "Things swingers say," and Captain Roxie really Likes sharing a story about her first opportunity to go one-on-one with another girl.

And Zo talks about going from be We launch right into it this week as Roxie talks about seeing a burlesque show performed by an all swingers troupe of dancers and Bonnie gives us the low This week, the STARUnderground Podcast is talking about talking as communications and rules are the topic that the Foursome will be talk, talk, talking about.

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