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Is it hard hookup with herpes


It is possible to get the same herpes simplex virus HSV type in a different location, but it is not common for this to happen.

For example if someone has cold sores which is typically HSV type 1 it is not common to get HSV type 1 in a different location, like on the genitals from receiving oral sex. I have only seen this happen a few times while working at the clinic. It would still be possible to pass HSV 2 to your genitals while having genital sex. If the person was not having an outbreak and on daily suppressive therapy with an antiviral medication like valtrex the chance of this happening would be low from a onetime encounter.

HSV can be a difficult one to test for.

Meeting People With Herpes is...

There are blood tests available that will tell you what type you have but these will not tell you where it is. For example blood test is positive for HSV type 1, does this mean it is on my mouth cold soreson my genitals or somewhere else.

The other problem with the blood "Is it hard hookup with herpes" is that it can take up to 4 months for the antibodies to show up so you would need to wait 4 months before doing a blood test. Also the test is expensive and at our clinics we are not able to run it as a screening test all the time.

You had sex with someone who knows they have HSV and have been able to reduce their chance of passing it on by not having sex while having an outbreak and taking daily antiviral medication. Hope this makes sense. You could see your family doctor about testing or come into one of our clinics and chat with one of our health professionals.

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