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The Fallowfield Campus is the main residential campus of the University of Manchester.

In the University inherited the Firswhich was used as Sexual health clinic manchester fallowfield ontario vice-chancellor 's residence until Fallowfield was also the site of playing fields at Mab Field used by the athletics union of the University. In the university unsuccessfully planned to sell and demolish a number of buildings including Owens Park, Ladybarn House and Oak House [4] [5] The plan was not successful due to a resident protest.

The number of parking spaces would more than triple from 41 to Allen Hall, situated on Wilmslow Road, was built as a Roman Catholic halls of residence by the bishop George Beck inand licensed to the university.

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As with the other halls, it encouraged diversity and allowed both Catholic and non-Catholic students. Scott and Alice B. Cooke as a hall of residence for women students. Two halls for men had already Sexual health clinic manchester fallowfield ontario founded in association with Owens College.

Darbishire for the purpose and remained there until the removal to "The Oaks" which was then renamed Ashburne Hall in By the hall had been extended by new buildings and enriched by the bequest from Lord Morley of his personal library.

At a later date Sheavyn House was built in the grounds and commemorates Dr Sheavyn who had been warden of the hall. Oak House, on Moseley Road, has a total of rooms. Flats were arranged around central staircases, unlike the other halls on at the university which were generally arranged along long corridors. The halls also had a central amenities block, with rooms like a games room and laundry. Owens Park accommodation at Wilmslow Road houses a total of 1, students.

The next phase of Owens park opened inand won an award from the Civic trust the following year. The Richmond Park halls of residence, constructed inare built on the site of the former Fallowfield Stadium where the FA Cup Final was played.

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