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Renouncing homosexuality


Homosexuals Anonymous HA is an ex-gay group which practices conversion therapy [2] and describes itself as "a fellowship of men and women, who through their common emotional experience, have chosen to Renouncing homosexuality each other live in freedom from homosexuality. Christopher Melilo, Colin Cook and Douglas McIntyre, who had all struggled with same-sex attractions, [8] founded HA in with financial support from the Seventh-day Adventist denomination.

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HA was founded in by Colin Cook a Seventh-day Adventist pastor who was defrocked in for having sex with a Renouncing homosexuality in his church [9] [12] and ex-gay Douglas McIntyre. Rumours of sexual misconduct by Cook Renouncing homosexuality to light in when Ron Lawson, a gay Adventist and Professor of Sociology at Queens College, New Yorkbegan an investigation by interviewing Cook's former clients and writing a letter to church officials outlining his indiscretions.

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Counseling sessions with Cook included giving his clients nude massages, ostensibly to desensitize them to male—male contact [16] "Renouncing homosexuality" homosexual desires; [15] however, this was counter-productive since counselees began having sexual encounters with each other. But I needed it more than they did.

I'm sure the LGBT community...

Blair reports a host of problems with such counselors, including Renouncing homosexuality sexual abuse of clients; [2] Haldeman describes Cook as "the most notable of such ministers". Despite his defrocking and the revelations of his client abuse, Cook remains dedicated to the belief that homosexuality can be changed. In he moved to Colorado and returned to counseling, which ended in when The Denver Post reported Cook was engaging in phone sex and asking "patients to bring homosexual pornography to sessions so that he could help desensitize them against it".

In he Renouncing homosexuality a conference held in Kenya promoting the ex-gay movement, [19] controversial to homosexuals as an example of ex-gay advocacy events held in Africa which are followed by incidents of "Renouncing homosexuality" violence. The headquarters of Homosexuals Anonymous is in Houston, Texas. The HA program relies on belief in Jesus Christ to effect sexual orientation change.

Local chapters conduct meetings at regular intervals where members provide fellowship and support to one another. As with twelve-step programs in general, and with AA in particular, it is difficult to determine the success rate of the program due to the high attrition rate.

However, the organization cites several cases where people have changed their sexual Renouncing homosexuality. In addition, many of the counselees stayed in Reading, "unwilling or unable to go home to families who expected them to be changed".

A longitudinal study by Stanton Jones and Mark Yarhouse reported "that on average participants experienced no harm from the attempt to change [but the authors] cannot conclude that specific individuals are not harmed by an attempt to change".