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Ryse matchmaking slow


What's new New posts Latest activity. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Doffen Start date Nov 15, Prev 1 … Go to page. First Prev 29 of 41 Go to page. Yards Banned Dec 7, If you add me, drop a message with your neogaf handle. I think the game is fucking awesome! Timu Member Dec 7, Amazon is taking longer than usual to get a game here, Ryse matchmaking slow want to play this game now.

TheChewyWaffles Member Dec 7, About to finish the game, I think - I'm at Spoiler the coliseum stage. Jsheldon Member Dec 7, Can anyone recommend quick ways to generate money in the arena either mp or preferably solo Ryse matchmaking slow avoid paying out of pocket for booster packs?

I'm gonna practice and can hopefully start tag teaming with gaffers in this thread. Stantron Member Dec 8, Timu Member Dec 8, Ryse matchmaking slow hoping Amazon gets my copy in tomorrow since it's the estimated date, or else I'll contact them. So what setting would people dig for a Ryse sequel? Feels like easy mode now. I just got over gold and a combo.

EtherMagic Member Dec 8, Ozzy Onya A2Z said: I would go for this as a sequel, nice. Beat it yesterday, some of the last bosses were hard, didn't Ryse matchmaking slow you could level up executions til near the end.

Reviewers got this one wrong. Glorious Ownage Member Dec 8, Well beat it in legendary. I think it took just under 11 hours to beat it on centurion and then legendary.

Beautiful game to look at. I liked the combat it was just a bit shallow. Hoping they can make it feel more like the Arkham games next go around. It was a beautiful game to look at and I found the story engaging and the voice actors quite good.

So I finished the story...

I might hold onto it as a showcase game. My copy is finally coming tomorrow, so excite. Steverulez Member Dec 8, Tried to get the last two chronicles on chapter 8 and they wouldn't let me select them, anyone else had a similar issue?

I definitely don't have them already btw. FaintDeftone Junior Member Dec 9, I just finished it.

Ryse: Son of Rome's seven-year...

I surprisingly enjoyed it quite Ryse matchmaking slow bit. The combat lacks a lot of depth and the bosses are easy to figure out, but the story, setting and the situations they put you in all make the game enjoyable to play through. I have not yet touched multiplayer but I will give it a shot soon.


Hawk Member Dec 9, So what do all those things that you find in the game actually for? I have found a lot of hidden areas with all these Ryse matchmaking slow things to find, but not really sure what they are for etc.

When I see "found a scroll" I was hoping for a screen in the menu's to read such scrolls, like Ryse matchmaking slow added story bits etc.

Spottiettiedop Member Dec 9, Downloaded the game Friday and after a weekend with it this is lot better than I thought based on the reviews. I'd be surprised if no sequel was made. Macsta Neo Member Dec 9, Can anyone help me? I cant seem to get an online game going. I even select solo mode in gladiator and it just takes me to the loading screen and just stays there.

There are a maximum of...

I can manage connect to other players, and ready up and can Ryse matchmaking slow hear them talking, but it just stays on the loading screen. Ive got an open NAT and can go online in all my other games Just beat it a couple hours ago. Combat was not deep but I spread out my time with the game so it didn't get to repetitive.


Really loved the music and voice acting. The verbal bitch slap he gave to that soldier near the end was one Ryse matchmaking slow my favorite moments. Hope we get a sequal with a bit more varied combat.

Papercuts fired zero bullets in the orphanage. Banjo-Kazooie Member Dec 9, It does actually do this, but it's only on smartglass which I think is pretty dumb. Also, for whatever reason it won't work on a phone with ryse.

Liferebooted Banned Dec 9, All Ryse matchmaking slow can say is that the archer section of Trial By Fire on legendary can burn in hell. Beat it this weekend. The pacing went really crazy in the last two chapers, loved them but it seemed to drag on a bit.

Ryse Matchmaking Issues |

Most beautiful game I've ever played. Wherever the sequel goes to, definitive needs multiple weapon types for a who boatload of executions Ryse matchmaking slow were fucking awesome and brutal and a bit more enemy variety than the typical grunt, shielded and "tank" brute type of character.

Still great fun and goddamn so pretty. Spoiler fighting Commodus mirrors. Is there any Ryse matchmaking slow to buying this used? Would I miss out on any online multiplayer stuff or DLC or anything? I hate getting matched with someone playing Mars. The damage bonus makes setting Ryse matchmaking slow executions Ryse matchmaking slow pain in the ass mubblegum said: Stantron Member Dec 9, It's kind of annoying to have the other person steal an execution move on an enemy you're fighting.

Or if we're too close and both have the skull icons over our enemies who we're separately fighting, there's a chance that you'll do a double execution, which can cause the other player to drop a combo before he realizes it. To fix this, they should add a second or two delay from the time you last hit an enemy to when your coop buddy is allowed to initiate an execution on said enemy.

Timu Member Dec 9, My copy finally came in. I guess I will wait, there was no scene on soldier mode but just in case I also used the smart glass app to get all the collectibles, so I didn't rush by any means. Macsta Neo Member Dec 10, Still cant get online to work. Krilekk Banned Dec 10, Beat the game last night in a marathon setting, took me six hours from start to finish.

It's very much Gears of War in Ancient Rome. The QTEs are never annoying, just like in "Ryse matchmaking slow" active reload they just give you a bonus.

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