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Running man episode joo won dating


However, not every female guest does well on the show. Some turn out to be total busts and only a few are a great fit. Here are 10 of the best! Sulli is always a pleasure to watch on Running Man. Her mere presence lights up the whole show. From the time she first appeared on-screen in Running Man to her last episode, Han Hye Jin went all out. She was just playing the game from the get-go.

When she was being lifted to a certain location, the PD asked her to lean back because her shirt was hanging low and was showing her. She also went all out in the nametag-tearing competition too. She even ambushed Lee Dong Wook and fought two guys on her own. In Family Outing, everyone was always scared of her because she always meant business and held the knife for cooking.

She carried that fierceness with her into Running Man and scared everyone, especially her two former castmates from Family Outing. Yoo Jae Suk had already caught her but she still managed to Running man episode joo won dating her way into the last challenge even though Yoo Jae Suk was fully aware of what she was doing. Her love interest with Kim Jong Kook was both enduring and funny.

Every time she comes on the show, she makes sure she ends up with Kim Jong Kook, and every time she is teamed up, she is the one who ends up making sacrifices for Kim Jong Kook. She is his protector and her desire to protect Kim Jong Kook is also her primary motivation in every challenge. She brought her A-game and played along with the cast. She openly said she was a fan of Kang Gary but when Kim Jong Kook said he is a big fan and the rest of the cast teased them, she played along.

As mentioned above, she was very competitive. During the pressure mat game, everyone, including the commander, were wincing in pain. Lee Bo Young took it like a man and put every guy to Running man episode joo won dating. She carried that through in Running Man, playing the same character for which she is known.

Lee Kwang Soo was sent...

Even though she was the very first Running man episode joo won dating, she was actually more experienced than other Running Man members in variety shows at that time.

Ha Ji Won is athletic and competitive and she gave her all in the competitions. She also played it Running Man style. She competed at the same level as the Running Man cast, bantering and strategizing and identifying loopholes so she could get ahead.

It resulted in a lot of laughter and Running Man members were astounded at her wit several times. She gave it her all. She was one of those guests that does whatever is required of them. She does it, enjoys it, and leaves the rest to chance. She is very close to Kang "Running man episode joo won dating" and Haha and it was obvious on-screen.

This also made Kim Jong Kook comfortable with her too and the dynamics of their team felt like an upgraded Commander and two kids. It was fun, carefree, and crazy. Unlike other guests, Han Hyo Joo is truly one of the boys and is treated as such. Nobody goes easy on her.

Running Man (Korean: 런닝맨) is...

She is not very strong physically but she knows how to think and strategize. On her last guest appearance, she was matched against SJH in a wrestling game. She can banter with the cast and is quick on her feet.

On the second day of her first guest appearance, she went around and played with the cast, which resulted in her winning Kim Jong Kook as her servant. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Yeah, I totally agree with this chart, the 10 are the most awesome female guests. Especially, Han Hyo Joo, love the way she tried everything. Park Bo Young should be there. She appeared 3 times, if I'm not wrong.

She's funny, entertaining, and so cute! Park shin hye should be on there. Song ji hyo was a permanent member. The Snsd girls should be there. Of course Han Hyo Joo no. I start know and love her since she come to Runningman. Why Park Shin Hye isn't on the list? She's been a guest for 3 episodes now and you can see Running man episode joo won dating she is really competitive. She uses her brain and doesn't just act cute.

Not every female guest in...

I think that Wang Ji Hye should have been on the list. She had a bright personality and always did her best.

Appearances on Running Man

She never tried to outshine the main guest when she was a guest herself. She is hilarious with Kwang Soo. She also got hurt by her "close friend" while playing the train game and it was only then that the guys paid attention to her. She never complained about anything and just went along with everyone. She's humorous too, especially with her cheer for big nosed brother.

Running Man (Korean: 런닝맨) is...

All in all, she was a loveable guest. I would choose Park Yejin as 1 I know Hyori left a strong impression on us but I like Yejin because every show she was on she won. Yejin is competitive and she can take Jihyo on and we know how strong Jihyo is with other female guest. She's also not afraid to run and very cunning. Tbh I disagree with Suili sorry if I spelled her name wrong ome episode of her when she was the goalie was so annoying.

She just stood there and did nothing which made me so annoyed. Han Hyo Joo is amazing, but what about Suzy? She's the most frequent RM guest and is basically considered the "8th member" along with Nichkhun.

I don't even understand why Running man episode joo won dating is in there, don't get me wrong, I really like her but her in running man wasn't good.

Han Hyo Joo was still the best female guest for me, she really made me watch her episodes over and over. Out of all, Ji Hye and Hyo Joo did the best guesting out of all girls because they were just being their usual self instead pretending a pretty image. I think Suzy is one of the best; not particular about her performance but the running man member's reaction around her was really funny.

I dont think sulli's appearance has a different with another idol, shr doesnt fit this list for me. I think gong hyo jin should add into this list, and moon chae won. Anyway dont replaced the 1st place, it fitted han hyo joo well. I like the episode where Shin Min Ah appeared.

She was rly cute. Park Bo Young too was adorable. Narsha should be on this list she was fierce and funny also and why is Sulli here but not Lee Si Young she is a boxer and if that doesn't say strong then i don't know what does she is also really beautiful and funny. I think lee yeon hee is good too, I was surprised with her dodgeball skills and she didn't just hide. She acted cocky throughout the episode and the fact that the RM cast worshipped her only added fuel to the fire. Don't know why KJK liked her as she is easily the ugliest guest that's ever been on the show.

Gong Hyo Jin should be on the list. My favorite was Lee Bo Young. Shouldn't Song Ji Hyo be on the Running man episode joo won dating She started out Running man episode joo won dating a guest didn't she?

And she was so good that she made it onto the permanent cast, even getting the nickname Ace! She's also my favourite on RM as well as that of many. Seriously you should put Gong Hyo Jin on the list. She was one of the strongest appearance in my opinion. They were all fierce AND funny!

I thought Hyori would be part of the permanent cast after the first episode because she did so well and basically co hosted the whole show with Jaesuk. I'd LOVE to see all three ladies on the show again! I respect ur opinion.

But i didn't think sulli qualified to be in top She is good but I prefer noh sayeon though. I like guest that is funny through action n words.