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Vayne smirked, "I'm freezing and they have good drinks here, we all don't have nine-tails to keep us warm Grinning at her remark, Ahri followed Vayne as they approached the glass window with fancy red letter inscribed on it " Nidalee's Coffee Shop". The two entered the small coffee shop greeted promptly by Nidalee who walked them over to a table near the window before taking their orders.

Vayne immediately began to diligently looking through the menu. Ahri on the other hand had become preoccupied looking outside at the beautiful scenery, "This place looks nothing like anything I've ever seen Vayne looked up from the menu, "Every downtown area looks just like this?

Have you really never been? Ahri shook her head, "We don't typically go out much, our districts are full of older buildings and taverns. Vayne glanced over at Ahri whose face suggested that she didn't really know what to get, "I'll take an espresso and get her a white chocolate mocha. Ahri grinned, "How do you know I'll like that? Together a few hours and you think you've nailed my taste preferences?

Ahri shuffled around in her seat feeding off Vayne's overbearing curiosity as she glared at her; "Hehe, oops? I believe I've said too much Vayne rolled her eyes, "Oh shush and start from the beginning, clearly you mean a lot to him I need to know why.

Start from the beginning, I want to know the whole story.

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