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Xmeeting dating service


This is another site run by the people behind HornyAffairs. All 3 sites are basically the same, the only thing that has changed is a few graphics and the name of the website, but all of the features and functionality are exactly the same.

This website uses a multitude of different tactics to deceive and trick you into paying for a monthly subscription to the dating service. Some of these deceptions include fake women, sending out fake email messages, making it appear as if local women are viewing your profile, and also making it appear as if local women "like you".

If you look at the evidence below, those are just two of the countless females that have sent us email messages through the websites email service.

You can read any email messages on the site however if you try to reply back to the messages you Xmeeting dating service sent to the payment page where you are asked to upgrade and purchase a monthly or 3 months or 12 month membership.

This is how this site makes their money, they send fake email messages that look as if they're coming from local women interested in hooking up with you, and if you try to reply back of the messages you get sent to the upgrade page where you need to purchase a monthly subscription. Of course the whole thing is a complete waste of time because there is no real women sending your email messages, it's one big fraud. Another part of the trickery is their use of the "Likes You" section of the site.

If you see the evidence we have below you will see that the women who apparently "like" our profile are very attractive, some of them are topless and others completely nude.

Logically it doesn't make any sense that these women would need to use a dating service in order to meet men for fun. Our only conclusion is that these women are not actually real, they Xmeeting dating service fake.

This is all done with computer programming, no women are "Xmeeting dating service" in you once again.

It's all a con to trick you into paying for a monthly membership. Yet another part of the deception is who "Viewed You".

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