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Three months into dating sim

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Before you do anything drastic, just slow down, put on some Sara Bareilles, and effing breathe. Have you actually given this any real thought?

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Once you sit down and think rationally for a bit, maybe you will look at your epiphany a little differently. You owe yourself a chance to be happy after all.

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Do you think this could go somewhere? Are there a million things that already annoy you? Are you still thinking of sleeping with other people? Can you do a year with them?! Do they have some of the same interests? Are they addicted to anything? As long as they are addicted to your sex, you hit the jackpot. Would they rather watch the Kardashians than make out with you?

If they got elbowed in a soccer game and had a black eye, would they still look hot? These are all things you need to consider. Before you make everything about you again, maybe they are having doubts too!

I would filter what you say a bit, especially if you Three months into dating sim in serious manic doubt mode. But I think a 3 month talk is vital. Just a check in if you will.

Are you here, are you behind me, are you in front of me, are we on the same page, or are you in a totally different Choose Your Own Adventure Book? Anyway — Hopefully what will happen after this talk is moving forward in your relationship with less doubts, less confusion, less stress eating, and more sleep.

Let you damn guard down and just be happy. Your single friends are supposed to envy YOU, "Three months into dating sim" The best part of a relationship is being happy, give yourself that. Now go have some sex and stop worrying so much.

After three months of dating,...

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