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Eighth graders dating sim


A Dad Dating Simulator Shopseite. I know Amanda is 18 and Daisy is 10, but did everyone catch how old all the other kids are? Robert's daughter is something above 25 or around 27?

Whether or not your child...

Val is 26, IIRC. But yeah most of the kids are teenagers or tweens.

Amanda is the second oldest. In the epilogue of Mat's route the player character says "Carmensita's middle school graduation is coming up in a year or two. Val is either twenty-five or twenty-six.

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Robert's not too sure. I'd call him out but my dad hasn't been able to remember how old I am since I was nineteen lol.

River has to be older than a year because Craig got divorced the previous year. Considering he has a pretty amicable relationship with Ashley I imagine even if they were having problems they waited until River was born and tried to work them out before they split.

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Also if she's not a year old she really shouldn't be coming for jogs. I don't think she's quite "Eighth graders dating sim" though because she still hasn't gotten words out yet. At the barbeque Mat specifically comments on the fact that Craig's kids aren't teenagers yet, which implies the twins are younger than Carmensita.

So I'd say twelve at the oldest. I wouldn't guess any younger than ten.

Joseph's kids are all pretty hard to pin down. I personally don't think any of them are in middle school yet.

Crish is toddling so he's probably two. Juli um Einige Geodaten dieser Seite werden von geonames.

Read what all the top critics had to say about Eighth Grade at A24 | Release Date: July 13,CRITIC SCORE DISTRIBUTION. The AtlanticDavid SimsJul 12, What most stunned me about Eighth Grade was.

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