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Gabriel I ; Nereu A. Streck II ; Lilian O. The objective of this review is to ensemble information from the literature on the response of cassava to climate change. The growth rate of the most plants increases at elevated CO 2 because it is the substrate for photosynthesis, however, the increase in temperature may offset the benefits of CO 2 on crop productivity due to a shortening of the cycle and increase in respiration of maintenance. Results from greenhouse, field and numerical experiments indicate that the response of cassava crop to elevated CO 2 is Consequencias efeito estufa yahoo dating, i.

The increase in temperature projected in future climate scenarios in general should not decrease Consequencias efeito estufa yahoo dating root yield of cassava, mainly in Africa, where this crop has an important role on food security. Further studies should be made using the current knowledge in order to confirm previous studies on the Consequencias efeito estufa yahoo dating of cassava to elevated CO 2 and temperature in regions where few studies have been conducted, like in Brazil.

Manihot esculentagreenhouse effect, global warming, food production, food security. Streck relata maior produtividade de batata, rabanete e batata-doce em atmosfera enriquecida com CO 2. A mandioca Manihot esculenta L. Ainda no estudo de Gleadow et al. Assim conforme Gleadow et al.

Os resultados encontrados por Gleadow et al. Este estudo foi realizado por Rosenthal et al. Assim como os resultados de Imai et al. A meta-analytic review of the responses of photosynthesis, canopy properties and plant production to rising CO 2. The response of photosynthesis and stomatal conductance to rising [CO 2 ]: Mechanisms and environmental interactions.

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Plant Cell and Environment, v. Cassava botany and physiology. Biology, production and utilization. CABI Publishing,p. Embrapa Mandioca e Fruticultura Tropical, Efficiency of lignin biosynthesis: Annals of Botany, v. Modeling the impact of climate warming on winter cereal development. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, v. Embrapa Mandioca e Fruticultura Tropical.

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