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Creadores de sombras latino dating


Aqua Art Miami will feature 45 dynamic young galleries from North and South America, Europe and Asia and innovative programming including performance art, new media and solo installations. Jardines del Embajador No. Aunque cueste encontrar el tiempo, siempre me place mucho sentarme a escribirles la nota del editor. El trabajo nos hace libres, las artes nos dan alas, el deporte nos disciplina y el dinero nos ofrece satisfacciones momentaneas, pero nada nos llena, recompensa, nos complace y nos hace crecer espiritualmente como la familia.

Le dedico esta edicion a mi hija, quien sin saberlo, me da las energias necesarias para enfrentarme a la vida. Dios bendiga a todos. "Creadores de sombras latino dating" it is hard to find the time, I am always pleased to sit down to write the note from the editor.

Se reservan todos los derechos. Se presume veracidad del material compilado, no se asume responsabilidad por errores u omisiones.

No se garantiza la autenticidad y la calidad de los productos o servicios promocionados por nuestros anunciantes. Each edition brings us the gift of new and different challenges, novel and unforeseen situations; but I have very recently learned that impossible solutions are only so, until someone makes them a possibility. Work makes us free, the arts give us wings, sports discipline and money we gives us momentary satisfaction, but nothing fills us, reward us and makes us pleased and grow spiritually as the family.

I dedicate this edition to my daughter, who unwittingly gives me the energies necessary to face life. God bless you all. I questioned how to start this article and I have decided to present the two introductions that were competing in my mind.

The other one is: His original, provocative and, yes, attractive style make his sculptures distinguishable and appreciated from afar something to which ALL artists aspire: Each of his works is unique and conceived as an extension of himself.

And I know that as an artist he is inexhaustible. Using the abstraction that has defined him since the 90s - his fish in Creadores de sombras latino dating, his cosmic explosions, Creadores de sombras latino dating postmodern totems, his constant play between the telluric and the cosmic — in his recent public sculptures as well as the more intimate the artist achieves the embrace of strengths and charms in both the aesthetic and the ethical.

This dialogue is necessary in all cultures, especially in ours with all its serious problems and enormous contradictions. According to Rafael Rivera Rosa, the artist does not need to follow a linear development in his works.

Nor does he have to abide by themes, languages, styles, media or content, but should feel free to explore new ways to express himself. It is a creative process in which the rules are dictated by each of the works at the moment they are created. On the other hand, Rivera Rosa echoes the theories of the Open Work by Umberto Eco, by conceiving his paintings as products open to different readings and interpretations of the viewers.

If we look back we realize that to appreciate his work is a challenge due to its overwhelming variety. Rivera has successfully expressed himself through media such as drawing, painting, graphic arts, digital art and sculpture.

In stylistic terms he has travelled through symbolism, surrealism and pop art to geometric art, abstract and figurative expressionism. This has been the winding road of an artist whose work escapes all classification.

Rivera usually develops anonymous characters which appear, disappear and reappear again, acquiring new roles and meanings each time they present themselves. The mosaic image is an apt metaphor to illustrate the heterogeneity of his work. The mosaic is composed of various parts which together form a harmonious whole. In the case of the work of Rivera, the unifying element of his work lies in the subject, always committed to human rights and the exploration of the inner reality of their being.

In other words, it is "Creadores de sombras latino dating" while being invented and it is invented while being made. It is from this concept Creadores de sombras latino dating I usually create my paintings. To this I must also add the importance of intuition. Each of the images is revealed to me as a result of a constant search to discover worlds that are underlying somewhere in my existence.

Unlike many artists who find a successful formula in the market and produce variations of the same, he has remained steadfast in his commitment to the essence of the act of painting.

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Favoring adventure in his art, he engages completely in the creative act. Amazed like a child at. His paintings reflect a highly expressive and energetic force that alludes to a deep sense of freedom and lyricism during the past fifty years.

Es un Creadores de sombras latino dating creativo en el cual las reglas son dictadas por cada una de las obras al instante de ser creadas. Si damos una mirada retrospectiva nos damos cuenta de que apreciar su obra constituye un reto debido a su abrumadora variedad. O sea, que se hace mientras se inventa y se inventa mientras se hace.

Es desde este concepto que suelo realizar mis pinturas. Favoreciendo la aventura en su arte, se involucra por completo en el acto creativo. Similarly, we also have to make mention of what Clement Greenberg said about the contrast of value, the opposition of light and dark colors has been one of the main means of Western pictorial art, much more important than perspective, to achieve the convincing illusion of three-dimensionality that sets it apart from other traditions of painting.

Therefore, for this Cuban artist, graduated in fine arts, with vast experience and a list of honorable mentions and awards, the profound knowledge and the utilization of this thought in a pictorial exercise with virtuoso connotations spans a bridge to aesthetic conceptions which have marked art history up to the present, with the clear difference that his work introduces his codes and encryptions, his winks and nods.

Maybe it is there where Creadores de sombras latino dating the taking of something from others retains its reverse, so well structured, magically submitted to a plastic argument so subtle that the origins have metamorphosed with even surrealistic spells. No doubt that even the textures and fillings, which are the Creadores de sombras latino dating of opening up these window spaces which are each painting and some of their configured perspectives; they are all the continuations of a chapter already staged, but into which has been built an accent of malevolence, of redemptive disbelief, of reflection and opportunity, a collection of sensations, at first full and later mutilated, wonderfully mutilated.

As spectators we ask the reasons why an island and Caribbean painter is looking for the root of this pictorial fate. And it is because this island painter, this renaissance virtuoso on this Caribbean island, makes of it a regenerative and diachronic element to compose a contemporary breeze that deals with the irony and the glorification of the act of painting, in order to bring us into a rereading of historical synthesis while being at the same time affectionately mendacious.

Classic, mocking; a perfectionist, he is focused on his work having enough fantastic culmination to dive both into the idyll as into the interrogative sense of what can happen if at a given time all these characters come out of the frame, which is what they are seeking-their lust for life and immortality- and accompany us for life. Perhaps even he wonders what this beginning of the XXI century means to signal a plastic horizon that seeks re-enacting paths, which are not easy to punish with expiration through a hidden and abstract encryption.

Would there be room for "Creadores de sombras latino dating" beyond? Nor is lacking, in this review of the sources that marked an entire era and those that followed, the psychological sensitivity that makes him play with deception, which makes us believe that the framework set no limits, but to the contrary, they were opened up, but no one dared to cross them, they showed only subtle hint, a demure detail.

In short, there is no doubt that his creative conception springs from unusual presuppositions that add delight, splendor, iconoclastic decay and ludic insemination in a territory that needs this to calm all its accumulated thirst. Aixa-an Arabic-sounding name- a mischievous and laughing Sanjuanera that, like a hurricane, sets us right in the Creadores de sombras latino dating of the Caribbean.

And in the eye of the storm where everything is calm- winks at us with powerful and evocative work, with her sinuous femininity and bold mania for telling us stories. Aixa shows us, in that time halted in the center of the cyclone, the pictorial substance of which dreams. Aixa Requena is a provocateur. Through colors, pictorial forms and photographical substrates assembled in glass boxes, the artist provokes us to rethink the world in its constant and rapid evolution.

Aixa Requena is not so easily seduced. Her work moves away from the frivolous approach to a recyclable image, from a.

Aixa Requena proposes, instead, a dialogue in which the universe of shapes becomes meaningful way beyond the mere act of looking. In her creative world mythic and everyday space and time converge simultaneously, legendary, intimate and timeless. Her proffer is more risky, and therefore breaks with the tradition that paradoxically is sustained and evoked in each piece. Hence the nostalgia of her canvases. The melancholy that grips us when we behold her work.

Through the colonial archways of her studio, which overlooks the splendid San Juan Bay in Puerto Rico, Creadores de sombras latino dating has been forging her pictorial corpus. Nothing is as it seems. The artist leads us to a constant and complex critical review of certainties and beliefs.

In the wonderland of her work, this Caribbean Alice places us before a door, which, when opened, shows us our own reflection in the mirror, or the reinterpretation of ancient myths and the rewriting of a buried story. Over the course of three decades of expressive search and incessant formal experimentation, the artist has woven her own language. A story open to the sea like an Antillean horizon.

The sea, as a starting point to launch herself into the Creadores de sombras latino dating of exploration.

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