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Ang dating daan anniversary 34


What was the fuss all about?

This day specifically marks the 34 th anniversary of the longest running religious program on Philippine TV, Ang Dating Daan. To-date, the Bible Exposition has become a gathering where people all across the globe can ask questions regarding Christian faith, answered straight from the Bible by none other than Bro.

The first ever airing of Ang Dating Daan on television was in apart from the radio broadcast which started inwith a three-person production staff.

Despite the lack of personnel, financial constraints and other setbacks, there was no stopping the program from airing on Philippine Television. Starting with an initial air time of 30 mins, the program slowly developed, and in years to come, the program would have faced many more obstacles including media critics, religious enemies, and conspirators.

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Inthe religious host, Bro. "Ang dating daan anniversary 34" Soriano left the country, during which time one could hardly realize that this would be the start of expansion of the program and its works toward other countries, slowly infiltrating the Global Arena. The event began with a few intermission numbers. The stadium was already jam-packed as early as 3: As with every Bible Exposition, many were given the chance to ask their questions and hear Bro.

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Eli answer straight from the Bible. Eli had earlier on taken the opportunity to thank their sponsors with which the broadcasts were able to continue despite difficult times, apart from making known his gratefulness for all those who Ang dating daan anniversary 34 able to grace the occasion.

Eli was proud to mention that, especially in Brazil, Filipinos were not seen as liabilities. Eli was not meek to point out his unrest regarding the rise in number of Atheists—people who do not believe in God, pointing out that there is nothing wrong with believing in God.

From there, he reminisced the history of how he and his program had kept up with enemies trying to halt the propagation of their cause. And even for me, it was simply a wonderful experience to have taken part in this celebration. For to merely listen to this man, how he conforms to every question, and how he is able to answer queries according to the Bible, but most importantly how he is able to care for the flock in these grave times with the guidance of the holy Gospel—these things are not the work of man Ang dating daan anniversary 34 of God.

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