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Bo gum and irene dating quotes


By LavelyShaiJanuary 1, in shippers' paradise. Did you guys see yesterday's Music Bank? Irene pulled a prank on Bo Gum and his face when he realizes what she did lol. Haha poor bogum he looks as pale as paper Do you think its scripted or not ya?

Btw this couple really visually compatible love them! I Bo gum and irene dating quotes with mooI think it was scripted only for Irene to know since Bo Gum clearly looked confused and then his realization that he was tricked. Some think the cameraman didn't know since it seemed like the camera was shaking as if he was panicking, but who knows.

Is Lee Jong Suk Dating?...

Thanks for the info, I guess we were partially correct. Bo Gum didn't know and it was her idea. It was most likely the script writer's idea and the staff and Irene were all in on it to prank PBG. And no way this would all go down without the main PD's prior consent.

Our beloved MC BoRene!!

Not only is it sweet! I don't know who the PD nim is but the casting is so good. Bogum shot Reply and he's still trendy now, their chemistry is bursting and the responses are good.

There was a fan acct that said during rehearsals, Bo Gum said "And the winner is Irene! Aside from the fact that they're a very visually compatible couple, Bo Gum and Irene's personalities seem to really sync with one another.

I really hope that sparks continue to fly for the both of them! I really really really want them to date!! My ship going strong You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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