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Dating antique rocking chairs


Although it can be hard to date examples of such a timeless design with any precision, certain features are strong indications of age.

Look to see how comfortably the chair sits upon its rockers. The earliest rocking chairs were ordinary slat-back kitchen chairs--that is, chairs whose backs consist of a top-rail and a single thick lower rail--attached to rockers almost as an afterthought.

Examine the material from which the rocking chair is made. Early examples would have been constructed from solid local timbers.

Reputedly invented by Benjamin Franklin,...

By the s, the popularity of homegrown rocking chairs was being challenged by cheap imported bentwood chairs made by the German industrialist Michael Thonet. Sometimes ebonized, Thonet's bentwood rocking chairs have the "Dating antique rocking chairs" of molded cane-work. Early examples made by Thonet's factory are rather more elaborate than later examples from copycat firms. Non-bentwood chairs from this period were increasingly made from painted pine.

Identifying Old Rocking Chairs

Inspect the rockers to see whether they employ any unusual mechanism. In the to era, there was a vogue for mechanical rocking chairs, for example ones where the seat itself rocked while the legs were fixed.


Usually upholstered with carpet-style fabrics, these chairs can be dated with confidence to that narrow turn-of-the-century period. If buying a rocking chair, check Dating antique rocking chairs base of the back supports for any cracks or mends resulting from over-vigorous rocking.

Based in the United Kingdom, Graham Rix has been writing on the arts, antiquing and other enthusiasms since Warning If buying a rocking chair, check the base of the back supports for any cracks or mends resulting from over-vigorous rocking. How to Identify an Antique Rocking Chair.

Modern fasteners, (such as hex...

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Antique rocking chair Old Rocking Chairs, Vintage Rocking Chair, Old Chairs, FCBTC / Furniture Styles and approximate dating of some of the those styles. Shop for-and learn about-Antique and Vintage Rocking Chairs. It's hard to find a piece of furniture with more American associations than the rocking chair.

Modern fasteners, (such as hex nuts or philips screws) would date the piece as even You could do a search on the web on “Antique rocking chair” and look.