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Dating pregnant ex girlfriend


My Dating pregnant ex girlfriend is currently dating someone else. I've previously posted that we weren't in a good relationship. We ended up breaking up and he denies the baby is his and won't answer my phone calls or texts about his son.

Now he is dating someone. Dating pregnant ex girlfriend question is what do you think of these women who date men who deny their own children? There might be a chance she has no idea he got someone pregnant because he can be very charming and manipulative. If that's the case, I can't blame her because if she doesn't know then that's isn't her fault. She could also know but again he lies and says the baby isn't his and believe him.

I was once naive enough to believe him when he would make up things to make himself look good in a bad situation. Or she could know and she doesn't care if he has another girl pregnant and doesn't take responsibility for it.

To this I wonder how would any woman be okay with that?

My girlfriend got pregnant by...

If I found out my new boyfriend had an ex who was pregnant and he wouldn't even acknowledge her, that would be a big red flag to me. I would either seriously question my relationship with him or go ahead and it end it completely. I read on this forum how horrible some fathers can be about their babies but I have to wonder about those women that they move on with. If the girl doesn't know then it's no fault of hers. But if a woman willingly dates a man with a baby on the way, I think it's pretty low.

I wouldn't be able to do that to another woman. I think nothing of them, Dating pregnant ex girlfriend their choice. Same with men that date women who keep the biological dad away. I wouldnt date a guy like that though. Even right now, I started talking to a guy who only claimes the mother is abusive.

She had previously got her first child taking away once or twice due to neglect. I had to call him out on suspecting abuse but doing nothing about it, instead being on a dating site. Thats not attractive to me, as a parent. Also, I dont think its bad for a guy to leave his pregnant and start dating someone else. If the relationship wasnt working out for him, then he has every right to leave.

It's looked down upon. But if a pregnant women isnt happy and leaves and finds someone else, while pregnant, it's "good for you, you found someone who makes you happy". I'm in the same situation.

My BD and I were engaged and together for two years, we recently split up as a result of him not being there for me while I was hospitalized and categorized as a "Dating pregnant ex girlfriend" risk pregnancy. I continued to alert him of doctors appointments or ultrasound pictures but the second he started talking to a new girl all of a sudden I'm the crazy ex that claims my baby is his.

I just stopped contact all together at that point because I don't need to prove to her that I'm pregnant with his child, if she wants to believe the lies he's telling her than she'll be in for a rude awakening when he receives those paternity and child support papers in the mail The truth will come out. I had a bf when I was 19 that told me he may be the father of a child of his ex and I told him if it's your child you need to be a father but I have no interest in having any kids.

I would question him sometimes and he said it was not his child and would go on forever about it. I remember telling him to get a paternity test. Who knows he probably lied to me. I was naive back then. Unfortunately Dating pregnant ex girlfriend am not now. I don't think my ex's girlfriend knows and I would never tell her.

I also don't know if I'll be able to date a man that does not have kids, I won't believe he does not have kids. I'll have to ask, "did any woman ever tell you, you are or maybe a father? Can't they get stretch marks so we'd know. Nobody tells their new fling, "I totally got this perfectly nice, respectable woman pregnant and now I'm denying the baby. I don't want to pay child support or be a decent father because I'm a selfish person.

You Dating pregnant ex girlfriend harshly judge the girl.

She has most likely ben fed lies, or at least huge exaggerations and misrepresentations of the facts. His dad does just that.

So me (24) and my...

Says he never knew he had a child until a year later and we went to court. We never went to court, and it took 9 months because he avoided me so he wouldnt have to do a dna test to pay child support.

He says its his fault he doesnt see his son but says i made him Dating pregnant ex girlfriend and pushed him away. But he doesnt mention how he cancelled on us 3 times, and tried to bully me into having everything his way, and if it wasnt, he wouldnt be around. He gave me ultimatums. I can harshly judge a woman for being stupid enough not to realize there are two sides to every story They are more than likely not telling their new girlfriends the whole truth.

I'm sure many are playing the "its not my child" card or "it was a fling and she got pregnant on purpose to get money". Eventually they will see what kind of person they are. Also I knew a guy who wanted nothing to do with his first son because it was a one night stand and he ended up hating the mother after he got to know her she lied and stole.

But then he went on to have two more children with another woman soon after and he absolutely adores those Dating pregnant ex girlfriend. Yeah very selfish and cold hearted on his part, but some men are weird like that. Will not want anything to do with a child from one mother but then go on to care about future children. I don't know why. I wouldn't date a man that wasn't involved with his own children. Dating pregnant ex girlfriend he can ignore his own kid that to me just isn't right.

What if he gets the new girl pregnant why would he just not ignore that kid also.

I would never date a man with a baby on the way or who just had a kid. He would need to resolve that situation before starting anything with me.

So apparently my ex-girlfriend might...

If they were together and he bounced when she got prego, he could never darken my doorstep period. I don't understand women who date men who abandon a person when "Dating pregnant ex girlfriend" get prego or who don't have anything to do with their children.

One thing I tell ppl that are in that situation is please don't ever think it won't be you. Once you have a kid by him and he leaves you, trust me, your kid won't be any better than his last child. The father of my baby has another child and is not with the mother. I never dated a person with a child before and it is a red flag. Usually if a man leaves the mother of his child he is a coward and selfish.

Now I am a "Dating pregnant ex girlfriend" mom just like his first baby momma. However I did kick him to the curb when I was 8 months pregnant cause he kept asking me for financial help. I can't even say Im young and dumb. But I wanted a baby and she is amazing and I wouldn't take it back for the world. Maybe I'll always be single now.

Men are pretty useless in my eyes anyway. It will take an amazing one to change my mind now. And I have my little girl to consider now.

My best friend dated a guy with three kids whom he doesn't take care of. Two different baby mothers.

Can you guess what happened Dating pregnant ex girlfriend her? He left her with a 2 month old baby boy.

History has a way of repeating itself. I am so glad he left her so she can finally be happy again with someone else that loves her and her baby. Q What do you think of women who date Dating pregnant ex girlfriend that left their pregnant girlfriends? What do you ladies think? Oldest Newest 15 Posts. What It's Like to Be a Dad With Postpartum Depression A growing body of evidence shows that men experience some form of depression after the birth of a baby.

Should we call it postpartum depression? Here's why it ultimately ended up being a good thing. Jump to Your Week of Pregnancy. Pregnancy Week By Week. My girlfriend and I have been dating for a lil over a month. Our first sexual encounter the condom broke.