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American girls vs swedish girls for dating


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A Swedish girl * She...

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My name is Tom. I live in California. I'm writing a pilot for a prime time TV show where the primary character is a just-off-the-boat Swedish TV reporter who comes to America to do the same thing. She will have a dual personality She will retain her Swedish accent and she's an "Eastwoodesque" type character Is there anything that can make this character that much more interesting They are certainly not interesting.


However according to my American friends, American women explode once they get married, hit a certain age or have children, whereas the number of 40 year old Swedish women that can fit in a lift is the same as for 20 year olds IMG: American women prefer to wear the trousers.

Swedish women have to wear the trousers. The skirts and Sloggi shorts are in Jack!!

Swedish women are into American...

No need for trousers!!! The Swedish women I feel dont have a personality like the Italians, french or GreekMexican and the list goes on!! Beyond the face lies a crass woman sorry to be so direct who looks and thinks She has come from Outer Space and acts royal but when she opens her mouth we know where she has come from!!.

Swedish women like projects particularly "foreign men projects" and when they can't mould them into what they want God know's what that might be? Thats been my experience anyway. American women are more straightforward and are above all more honest. They say it like it is and are prepared to take a face to face conflict.

Swedish women would really want to grow up and learn at an earlier stage what is important in life. I think that you have made an accurate evaluation of the typical Swedish women. They very much want to be seen as nice even when it is far from the truth, so they will offer a nice comment rather than an honest opinion. As for the "foreign men project". I think they start out liking the fact that we are not like Swedish men, but once they start thinking about "making a nest", that is when the project begins.

Clearly they are trying to turn us in to Swedish men. Over the past couple of years I have been watching my English friend's Swede trying to slowly castrate him.

The pressure has picked up since they had a kid. He is resisting and not surprisingly they are having it rough.

But what I'm looking for...

I think that's probably true for most women everywhere. I see some damn good looking women here. All that natural blonde hair and full lips I should have had that American girls vs swedish girls for dating. From a personal point of view,i think most american girls are too materialistic.

As for been social,American girls like to see things happen, why the swede are just too cold. Well I would prefer to be wrong rather than right in my observations but I have seen too many men both Swedish and foreign in my circle being treated in the same fashion for too long by Swedish bitches who hide behind feminism, finding themselves and selfish careerism as an excuse for immaturity and adultry.

I do not buy into any old "resonemang" that Swedish women are simply more "independent". An arsehole is an arsehole regardless of whether they are male or female and if they abuse their spouses, families and above all their children well then equal rights SHOULD mean equal responsibilities. I speak as the single father of two children and when these issues are discussed in the Swedish media it makes me want to vomit.

It's a biological instinctual thing. The man with the bigger cave and better hunting skills got the chicks. They always thought they hit the jackpot and found the non-materialistic, subservient women.

That is one of many...

Within a few years, they were all divorcing him for the doctor they were often nurses or wanted all the trappings of a Western life too. Funny, in Thailand you always see the old white guy about 70 years old with his new Thai family.

They are standing in the Tesco Lotus picking out TVs or some such object I thought I was done with all this American girls vs swedish girls for dating Popular articles New dad faces deportation from Sweden after 16 years due to holiday pay error How to escape Brexit and get citizenship in Sweden Swedish parliament rejects centre-right PM candidate Ulf Kristersson Sweden scraps TV licence — but here's what you need to know about the new tax Police hunt shooter in central Stockholm.

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Swedish girls absolutely love Americans....

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Says more about you than the women though I should have had that DNA!

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